ImprovEdge eLearning

The ImprovEdge Conservatory is a Video-Based, On-Demand, Interactive portal. You can access great eLearning modules for development at your own pace, as well as hybrid experiences that include live interactions. You can grow one-on-one with a coach or engage with a cohort of learners at and above your career level.

Participant Testimonials

“Really appreciated the language used and the memorable principles of effective communication and tools to have difficult conversations”

Business Director

“The course helped me rethink old habits for conversation and reinforced some new ideas and techniques.”

People Manager

“I have been in leadership for a long time and learned some new tools to utilize...this was great and will be helpful with those tougher conversations”

Corporate Leader

“This course brought up many things I had forgotten over time, such as open ended questions and truly listening to employees”

People Manager

“This is relevant to me. I have to manage many different stakeholders with varying opinions, so this will help me address conflicting ideas better. ”

Individual Contributor

“Very relevant. I'm dealing with a situation where I'm going to need to have a tough conversation with an employee and this training will come in very handy.”


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